How to Add a Gradient Background to a PowerPoint Presentation

Recently we showed you how to change the PowerPoint background template. This post will show you how you can add a nice gradient background to your PowerPoint presentations.

How to Add a Shaded Background in PowerPoint

Here you can control the gradient settings, for example the gradient stops let you choose the colors used to make the gradient. Here you can configure the stops accordingly to your design and also change the color for each stop. You can drag and drop the stops horizontally or better if you prefer the exact position you can change the position value manually.

gradient options

Also you can control the Brightness and transparency for each stop. This is good for example if you want to change the transparency effect in the background slide or any element using the gradient effect.

Notice that you also have a gradient type, that you can change if you want, using radial gradient effect, diagonal or even linear that is the common gradient.

The angle let you rotate the gradient effect to a given angle, this is good if you need to match any other image rotation with the gradient and make a nice gradient effect.

Once you apply the gradient effects you will see how it looks in the PowerPoint slide.

How to add a gradient background in PowerPoint presentation