How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint (.PPT or .PPTX)

Last updated on February 20th, 2023

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint (.PPT or .PPTX)

Presentations are an essential tool for anyone who wants to convey information in a clear and concise way. However, creating a presentation from scratch can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging, especially when you need to reuse existing materials. Luckily, many people have turned to PDF files as a way to share documents and materials with others. But what do you do when you need to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint presentation?

While many websites and applications offer PDF to PowerPoint conversion tools, the quality of the output can vary significantly.

In this article, we will list some effective ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint in a way that the output is editable and useful for a presenter to customize the presentation. We will explore some of the most effective and efficient methods to convert from PDF to PowerPoint presentations, providing you with a variety of options to choose from depending on your specific needs. So whether you are looking to convert a single PDF document or an entire portfolio, we have got you covered.

Adobe’s PDF to PPT Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint for free

Drag and drop a PDF file to use our PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) converter.

Adobe Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint
Adobe Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

save a PDF as PPT easily. You can easily convert a PDF to a PowerPoint presentation with the online tool by Adobe. Simply drag and drop your PDF. The conversion is made in real time, very fast, and you can use any browser to convert from PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint online. It is a reliable tool from Adobe, when you convert a PDF to PPT your file will keep the original style and formatting.

Go to Adobe PDF to PowerPoint

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint using Free Adobe Conversion Tool?

Step 1 – Go to PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Website

Go to Adobe PDF to PowerPoint

Step 2 – Drag and Drop your PDF file containing the presentation

Just locate the file that you want to convert from PDF to PowerPoint and drag it to the webpage. The file will start converting.

Step 3 – Download the editable file

Once the conversion from PDF to PowerPoint finishes, the following page will appear:

Here you have the ability to download the file, or to open (Edit it) in PowerPoint online.

Step 4 – Open the editable PPT file in PowerPoint

Here is an example after converting from PDF to PowerPoint and opening it in PowerPoint for Windows.

Example after converting PDF to PowerPoint
Example after converting PDF to PowerPoint

Other Effective Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is another powerful software that can convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations. In fact, it not only converts PDF to PowerPoint, but it also convert PDFs into multiple output formats. This software can extract images, text, and other elements from PDF files and convert them into editable PowerPoint presentations. PDF Converter Pro also supports batch conversion, making it an excellent choice to convert multiple PDF files.

Learn how to convert PDF to PPT using Wondershare PDF to PPT converter tool.

Solid Converter PDF

It’s one of the simplest programs you will find around. The interface is quite intuitive, you just need to drag the files you want to convert and select where do you want the output files to be saverd.

Solid Converter PDF has a free to try trial version (15 days with watermark on the output files) or can be bought for $80 USD.


Able2Extract is a simple file converter which can convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PPT and other useful types of files. This program is a little more professional and allows you to choose some advances features.

Able2Extract has a free to try version (7 days) or can be bought for $100 USD.

Copy & Paste

While not the most efficient method, copying and pasting from a PDF to PowerPoint can sometimes work. This method involves opening the PDF file, selecting the text, images, or other elementsyou want to use, and then pasting them into a new PowerPoint slide. This method can be time-consuming and require additional formatting to make the presentation look professional.

Online Conversion Websites

Several online tools are available to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations. They are usually free and straightforward to use. Examples of these websites include Smallpdf, Nitro, and Zamzar. All you need to do is upload your PDF file, and the website will convert it to a PowerPoint presentation, which you can then download or receive via email.

Final words

In conclusion, converting PDF to PowerPoint can be a vital tool for anyone who needs to deliver presentations, create training materials, sales presentations, handbooks, or share information in an engaging way. By converting a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation, you gain the ability to customize your slides, add animations, and incorporate multimedia elements that will make your presentation more dynamic and interactive (instead of just a static PDF document).

Additionally, converting a PDF to PowerPoint saves time and effort by allowing you to reuse existing materials and quickly create professional-looking presentations, editing the text placeholders and content. Whether you are a student, educator, or business professional, knowing how to convert a PDF to PowerPoint can be a valuable skill to have. So don’t hesitate to explore the methods discussed in this article and start creating dynamic presentations today.