Book Review: Spice Up Your Speaking Presentations

In the last ten years, business PowerPoint Presentations have undergone a considerable change. So, when you are preparing for a presentation, you have to communicate with your audience in such a way that you can entice them to hear your message. If you have just begun to design a presentation then it would be recommended to spend some time reading the book called Spice Up your Speaking Presentations.

Spice Up Your Speaking Presentations

The book can be a great help for the speakers participating in job interviews, meetings and discussion groups. Not just this, it may also help the occasional presenter to be effective at organizations. Now, you must be thinking, who is the author? Well, the author is Jim Ocque who has received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Johns Hopkins University and an associate degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in mechanical engineering.

When it comes to the author’s experience, well it mainly includes technical presentations at seminars, motivational presentations and community corporations, compelling sermons at church and informative presentations. No doubt, his audience allowed him to evaluate the effectiveness of various presentation techniques. Further on, it has given him a clear insight about the type of skills needed for different kind of presentations.

Do you want to add some spice to your boring presentation? You may easily do that with the help of Spice Up your Speaking Presentations book. It is actually a summary of what the Jim Ocque author has learnt during his years of creating presentations. The book is totally based upon giving suggestions on different ways to improve the skills of speakers, determining their strengths of delivering presentations, mentoring and evaluating presenters.

In this book, you will find the story of how a person gave an unforgettable presentation to the top management and how he/she mastered over the fear of speaking.  Therefore, no doubt the concept remains the same which involves considering the audience first, involvement and making a strong closing.

Give a considerable thought to this book and certainly you will come across limitless ideas to make a memorable and powerful presentation.You can find out more about the book from the this link: Spice up your Speaking Presentations.

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