Median PowerPoint Template

If you find yourself in a position or job that requires you to create plenty of presentations or create slideshows within a short time frame, you can find this next PowerPoint Template helpful.


The Median PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed template that features geometric blocks in various complementing colors such as orange, brown, and blue to give it pops of color and a modern look. This presentation is perfect for all kinds of topics.

Sleek and Modern PowerPoint Template

This Median PowerPoint Template is a modern, sleek, and sophisticated template that you can use for many types of presentations, from technical financial analysis to vacation plans. It can also be customized to suit many types of presentation themes. You can even add your company logo or a watermark to further make the presentation your own.


To get started on your own slideshow, edit the text placeholders with your own title and subtitle. Then click on New Slide on the Home menu in the Ribbon to populate an array of slide layouts that allow you to display your content in many ways while still retaining the same theme.

Make This Template Your Own Using Any Device

Nevertheless, you can change the PowerPoint template to suit your own preference or branding. You can go to the Design tab in the Ribbon and choose from a wide array of design options. You can also format the background to change it to any color you want. You can even add textures or background images to add more visuals to your slides.


This template is in PowerPoint Online, which means you can easily access it through your browser, using any computer or mobile device. The template also allows users to share on one presentation, giving them easy collaborative tools so that they can work on the template together.

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