Animated House for Sale PowerPoint Template

The real estate business is highly competitive. As a real estate agent, you have to differentiate what makes you or your firm different from others out there. By marketing your business the right way and creating stellar listings, you can more effectively build your business and crush competition. Therefore, next time you create a house for sale or real estate listing, you have to prepare your presentation to make the most of your time with your prospective clients. The House for Sale PowerPoint Template puts power in PowerPoint indeed. With just 9 professionally designed slides, any real estate agent can create a convincing case for their listings, or even show compelling figures about their own real estate firm.

Create a Beautiful House for Sale Presentation

A house for sale presentation for real estate agents is like a pitch. You have to grab your audience’s attention from the moment you start the slide, effectively build up your case and by the time you’re done with your slideshow, you should have convinced your audience to buy.

Unfortunately, not every real estate agent has the time, ability, or creativity to create stunning and persuasive real estate presentations. This is why Presenter Media offers, as one of its thousands of premium templates, this Animated House for Sale PowerPoint Template.

Animated Your Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Stunning Real Estate Themed Slides

This House for Sale PowerPoint Template from Presenter Media features 9 beautiful slides that are specially designed for the real estate business. It can be used by real estate agents and firms, or even by ordinary homeowners who want to sell their homes or make a land for sale presentation.

The PowerPoint template features a title slide that has an illustration of houses over a white and light blue gradient background that is easy on the eyes. There’s also a home real estate “FOR SALE” sign. The title of the slide is strategically located at the top, and there’s enough space for a title and subtitle to be clearly included.

House Themed Presentation Template

The inside slides contain different layouts that allow you to effectively tell a story through text, images, shapes, charts, and figures. For example, one slide has a pie chart indicating home sales over a span of a year, as seen on a quarterly basis. The home sales chart features a pie chart in the shape of a key and the background has houses to convey real estate and houses. There’s also a space for two text boxes for some descriptions, as well as a separate space for bullet points.

There’s also a slide that features a beautiful line chart for showing calculations and figures involving house sales and other real estate related data. There’s also a space for bullet points. like with the rest of the House for Sale PowerPoint Template, this slide can also be customized by deleting any column you may not need or adding more. You may also change the color scheme of the charts to suit your brand or preference.

Housing Industry Slide Design

There’s also another line graph, this time featuring lines that represent figures, with a house illustration at the end of the graph lines. This chart is great for stating figures for various aspects of the house or real estate. You may also show key stats about the house or property, or even your real estate firm if you want to make a great impression. The stats in the template are represented by differently colored keys with percentages, which you can also customize.

House Infographic

Get the Most Out of PowerPoint

All the slides are also animated, carefully adding the right animation effects on select elements from each slide. This allows you to emphasize your points or supplement your ideas while still captivating your audience’s attention.

Edit Placeholders

What’s great about this premium template is that it really allows you to get the most bang for your buck. You can rearrange the slides, add new slides, or even integrate this template to your already existing presentation. You can also use the slide templates and customize them to best represent your brand since you can customize it right within PowerPoint.

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