Animated Video for PowerPoint: Breaking the Wall to get into the Light

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

Obstacles are a common part of business ventures and life in general. Sometimes it’s best to describe these issues using interesting animations that can help your audience get a good laugh.

The best way to do that is to make use of readymade animated presentation templates that can help you to effortlessly add humor to your slides, while making your important ideas heard with great interest.

Break Out of Darkness Animated PowerPoint Template

If you want to reflect upon serious topics like breaking out of darkness and wish to keep the mood light, then this PowerPoint template is perfect for the job.

Break out of darknes animation for PowerPoint
Example of Break Out of Darkness metaphor for PowerPoint presentations

This animated template for PowerPoint shows a stick figure breaking a wall to come out in the light. This animation can be customized with your title, company logo and additional content.

Breaking wall animation for PowerPoint

You can also make good use of the following slides which provide diverse slide layouts with charts, sample lists, tables, SmartArt Graphics and clipart, all of which can be easily used for quickly making professional looking presentations. This template works with PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, as well as Keynote for mac and iPad.

Go to Presenter Media  – Break Out of Darkness Animated PowerPoint Template

Breaking wall animation and charts

Break Out of Darkness Video Animation for PowerPoint

You can also download the standalone video animation for the opening slide of the above mentioned template, from the Presenter Media website.

Breaking out video background template for PowerPoint
Example of animated breaking out video background template for PowerPoint

This animation can be downloaded not only for PowerPoint as an editable video slide but also for popular video formats. You can also customize this animation online from the below link by changing the color, brightness and saturation of the animation before downloading it.

Go to Presenter Media – Break Out of Darkness Video Animation for PowerPoint

Breaking out of darkness video animation

Freedom Breaking Through Wall Clipart for PowerPoint

You can also download the illustration of a stick figure breaking through a wall in the form of a static clipart in JPG or PNG format, in a custom resolution, from the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Freedom Breaking Through Wall Clipart

Breaking through wall clipart

Clipart Arrow Breaking the Wall

This clipart shows an arrow breaking through a wall. This static clipart can be of good use to complement your slides with an image which can be used for various topics such as for motivational presentations, business presentations, project management timelines, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Brick Wall Arrow Breakout Clipart

Brick wall arrow breakout clipart

Cartoon Building a Brick Wall Animation

Available as a GIF animation, Flash and MOV file, you can download this animation of a stick figure building a wall and customize it with your own placeholders on your slide to reflect upon topics like team building, construction, project milestones and the like.

Go to Presenter Media – Building Brick Wall Animation

Cartoon building brick wall animation

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