How to backup all your Gmail account to your local drive with GmVault

GmVault is a free tool that you can use to make local backups of your Gmail account. This can be pretty useful for users who need to make local backups of their email content. Gmail from Google is one of the major free email providers along with and Yahoo email.

backup gmail

Aside that Gmail offers lot of space and it is continuously increased every new second, you can run out of space easily if you exchange photos and large documents by email, so by generating local backups you can then free some space from large files or attachments.


But you can also use GmVault to make local backups in case you suffer a hack in your account (this can be possible any time and you should be prepared for that), so having a full backup of your email content can be a good idea.

backup gmail

GmVault is free but you need to run it from command line. However, you can run GmVault in Windows, Linux and Mac.

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