Energy Saving PowerPoint Template


With global warming becoming a much more immediate threat to us and our environment, there is a call for all of us to conserve energy. Companies and manufacturers are already taking an initiative to create energy saving products such as appliances. There are also other ways for everyone, even the average Joe, to contribute in …

Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to conservation, green energy, global warming and other environment related topics, one needs to have a compelling presentation template to make an impact on an audience, which is usually at risk of getting bored by environment related subject matter. The Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template is one such template.

Animated Energy Innovation PowerPoint Template With Battery Shapes

Battery Innovation is an animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote that shows a series of battery cells which light up with each slide. The template can be used for topics related to energy, innovation, mobile devices, cells, voltage, electricity, etc.

Creating Sankey Diagrams in PowerPoint 2010 (Free Template)

Time ago we have published a free template and article explaining how to make a Sankey Diagram. Today we have improved the way to create Grossmann diagrams in PowerPoint without requiring any other 3rd party software and just using PowerPoint shapes and lines. Using this free Sankey Diagram template for PowerPoint you can create your …

Animated PowerPoint Templates for Presentations on Renewable Energies

If you need to prepare a good presentation template on renewable energies then here we will show you some nice animated PowerPoint templates for renewable energies presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. These templates are provided by PresenterMedia and you’d need a subscription to download the animated PPT templates from their site, but once you do it, …

Make Sankey Diagrams in PowerPoint

Sankey diagrams are a specific type of flow diagram that are widely used in thermodynamics and material flow management. In this kind of diagrams, the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity. You can use this kind of Sankey Diagrams as a visualization of energy, material or cost transfers between processes. …