Energy Saving PowerPoint Template

With global warming becoming a much more immediate threat to us and our environment, there is a call for all of us to conserve energy. Companies and manufacturers are already taking an initiative to create energy saving products such as appliances. There are also other ways for everyone, even the average Joe, to contribute in reducing environmental issues, such as by saving energy.


The Energy Saving PowerPoint Template is one great presentation template that you can use to help spread awareness about energy saving, as well as its economic and environmental benefits. This Energy Saving themed template will help you create easily understandable decks that you can also easily customize to suit your preferences.

This template features four slides that already have text that serves as a guideline for energy saving, as well as paper saving. These tips can help you at your home, school or office, so you can do your part in advocating to help the environment through saving or conserving energy.

The template is in solid black, with solid white font. The overall look is simple, straightforward, and no-frills. It starts with a title slide that contains the title and subtitle right in the middle. Next are the other slides, each containing various slide headers or topics.


The first slide here tackles energy saving features of the template. It says here that the template is dark for a reason–so that the monitor requires less energy. The template also can be saved in various formats for electronic distribution or online sharing.

The next slide tackles the paper saving features of the template. There is a long list here that shows how you can save paper by using this template that is if you’re going to create a print out of your presentation.


The last slide shows more paper-saving tips that you can use not only for this template but for all other presentation templates that you may use in the future.

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