Animated Energy Innovation PowerPoint Template With Battery Shapes

Battery Innovation is an animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote that shows a series of battery cells which light up with each slide. The template can be used for topics related to energy, innovation, mobile devices, cells, voltage, electricity, etc.

Animated Slides With Battery Animations

The opening slide shows a battery animation, which shows each cell of the battery lighting up one by one. This is followed by the Main idea slide where you can introduce your main idea with another battery animation playing out at the left hand corner of the slide.

Battery Innovation

Reveal Interactive, Interconnected Slides at Each Click

The template also contains interactive slides, where clicking on one section of the battery reveals a line containing your added text. This is actually a sequence of interconnected slides where you can add your bullet points and reveal them one by one, as you click on different parts of the battery.

Reveal Interactive, Interconnected Slides at Each Click

Create Sequential Slides With Innovative Layouts

The template has ample scope for creating sequential slides with different types of unique layouts that can help you get your message across to an audience with the help of interesting and thought provoking images.

Battery Innovation Template

Battery Clipart Images

The template also provides standalone slides with different types of colorful battery clipart images which can be copied and moved across various slides to help you create custom slides with appropriate images. Battery Innovation template is compatible with the following applications:

  • PowerPoint (PC)
  • PowerPoint (Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Battery Innovation PowerPoint Template

Battery Clipart

Light Bulb World Map Animated Clipart

This is an animation which is available as a GIF image to be used as clipart in presentations, as well as in video formats like Flash and MOV. You can download the video or GIF version of the clipart for your projects, be it presentations, videos or tutorials.

Go to Presenter Media – Light Bulb World Map Animated Clipart

Light Bulb World Map Revolve Clipart

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