Employee Orientation Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Orienting employees is part of the process of recruiting and introducing new employees into the company. Employee orientations are important because it familiarizes new hires into company operations and the people that work in it. Before a new employee can become a productive and effective part of the company, orientation is necessary to provide a level of familiarity, increase company and product or service knowledge, as well as provide a sense of comfort to the new recruit.

Employee Orientation Template for Any Industry or Business

The Employee Orientation Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a visually interesting and professionally designed template that can help you welcome your new employees into your company or organization. It allows you to welcome your employees into the organization and give them an overview of the operations and personnel within it.

Easily Acquaint New Hires

This employee orientation presentation template for PowerPoint contains 10 slides that contain the same theme, which are predominated by images of employees going about their daily tasks. The template is designed to suit companies who are involved in the computer, office, software, design, accounting, and many other types of industries. However, whether your company is big or small, you can still use this template because of its flexibility.

Properly Acquaint New Hires to Company Basics and Set Expectations

The template contains a cover slide, which has two photos superimposed on the whole slide. The images in this slide as well as those inside the presentation, are all in black and white to make the content stand out. In the cover slide, you can easily insert your logo in the placeholder, as well as type your company name under the “Welcome!” phrase.

Set Standards and Expectations

The inside slides contain various topics for each slide. The topics are: Agenda, Company History and Vision, Who’s Who (Company Executives), Company Policies, Benefits, Performance Reviews, Other Resources that the employees can go through, Required Paperwork, and Summary. This format allows you to present information in a logical manner. The topics are also selected to provide a simple yet highly useful material for employee orientation.

Customize Your Template in Many Ways to Suit Your Company and Preferences

In the Who’s Who section or slide, you can also include an organizational chart to more thoroughly show the people involved in the company and their designations, as well as the different departments that all work together and do specific tasks.

You can add more, delete, or duplicate slides according to your own presentation needs.

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    1. Hi Glenn, I am sorry to see that you cannot download this template. The issue is that Microsoft removed most of the old templates at Office Templates gallery. Let us find the template you are looking for and we will update the link.

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