Employee Training PowerPoint Template

It’s not just your customers that you have to impress when you make a presentation. You may also need to create presentations for your prospective employees or new hires, and you have to give them a good impression about your company as well. One of the first ways a newly-hired employee gets to know more about the company he is joining is through employee training, and with this, you have to set the tone for what your company is all about and what your company culture is.


Professional Training Deck for Your Company

TheĀ Employee Training PowerPoint Template is a modern, simple, versatile, and sophisticated template that you can use for all your employee training needs. Regardless of your training topic and the industry you belong in, this training presentation template is your perfect companion for imparting valuable knowledge to new-hires and even to employees whose knowledge you want to augment or refresh.

This Employee Training template is free to download and use any time you need to create a quick yet professional-looking training presentation. The template features 10 slides, each especially dedicated to a specific topic that you may find useful for your own training deck.

The theme of the template is similar to metal, which is very corporate and sophisticated. It has shades of gray and glossy blue that also gives off a metal finish to your slides. Meanwhile, the font is simple and modern, making it easily readable for your audience.


Impress Your Audience with an Organized Slideshow

The title slide is simple and impressive, and it even has enough space for you to insert your company logo to personalize the template. The inside slides, meanwhile, contain organized information to help guide you as you compose your own training material. It contains a short introduction about the company such as the history and vision, the people behind the company, and its policies.


There is also a section for benefits, performance reviews, other resources, required paperwork, and summary. Such information is valuable especially if you want to orient newly hired employees. You can customize the slides and content depending on the information that you need for your very own training presentation.

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