Track Student Grades With Teacher’s Grade Book For Excel

A teacher’s job has its share of challenges. Managing the classroom, planning lessons, interacting with students, and ensuring that their grades are tracked are among the many things teachers have to do on a daily basis. The Office portal offers a wide variety of templates that teachers can use for their classes. 

One such template is this Teacher’s Grade Book for Excel, which is specially designed for the education sector. Whatever the subject and no matter how many students are involved in a class, this teacher’s grade book template will allows teachers and instructors to track their students’ grades.

Automatically Generate Results and Ensure Accuracy

This Excel template is designed for Excel 2013 yet still has backward compatibility with earlier versions. It is specially designed for the school setting, allowing teachers to record their students’ grades in a clean, exact and organized manner. The design of the template prevents teachers from confusing the students with their grades so that teachers can be confident about what score they give each of their students.

With just one worksheet tab, you can calculate grades for each assignment or classroom activity. Teachers only need to assign a set number of scores in accordance to the scoring system that teachers choose to use.

Create Organized and Systematic Grading Systems for Multiple Students and Classes

Aside from this, the table also has preset columns designed to make things easier for you. The columns are made up of Student Name, Student ID, Average, Score, Ltr Grade, GPA, HW1, HW2 and Q1. You can add more headers depending on the activities, assignments, quizzes, assessments and grading periods you have. Meanwhile you can write as many student names depending on your classes. With this neat format, you can be sure that the right student is getting the grade that he or she deserves, without the risk of getting confused with long lines and columns of figures.

To also make things easier for you, the template has a summary area. In one small table, you can set grading systems or scoring scales. In another, you can set assignments or tests that you have conducted, and the total available points for each testing or evaluation activity. As a summary, the total number of assignments and tests are automatically populated, as well as the total possible points.

Instructions and Guides for Customization

This template comes with usage instructions, so you can be assured of quickly customizing it to suit your needs.


This template is no longer available. You can download an alternative template with similar features via the link given below.

Go to Download Student Grade Book Template for Excel (Alternative Template)

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