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When you are in college, you may at least have a feel of what the so-called “real world” would be like. In college, you have enough freedom to choose the courses you would take and go where you want to go. You can create your own college schedule as well as even get a place of your own. However, there still is the responsibility of ensuring that you are well on your way to getting a stable career and a good job.

Be on Your Toes with This College Credit Planner Template

Microsoft offers many templates that you can access using your Microsoft account, such as Excel Online Templates. These can be accessed through your browser from any mobile device, making productivity even more convenient. One of these templates is the College Credit Planner specifically designed for college students to get a head-start on their chosen course.

This College Credit Planner for Excel Online allows college students to map out the courses that they have to take in college as well as the number of units or credits needed to complete each course. This template contains a combination of graphs, charts and tables to give you an organized way of tracking and viewing your college credits.

Built-In Formatting Makes the Tables Interactive and Motivating

This educational themed template contains two worksheet tabs, the College Credit Planner and the Semester Summary Data. The College Credit Planner shows your Semester Summary, Credit Requirements, and College Courses.

The Semester Summary is a PivotChart that shows you, in bar chart format, how much credits and classes you have taken for each semester. This shows you how you are progressing through your courses.

The Credit Requirements shows how many credits you have earned and are needed for your Academic Major, Academic Minor, Elective Course, and General Study. The Overall Progress bar contains conditional formatting that helps keep you motivated with positive phrases as you go through your credits.

Have All Your Academic Bases Covered with This Template

The second tab is the Semester Summary Data which simply shows the data source for the PivotTable. It shows the Credits and Classes for every semester.

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