Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template presents a set of slides with apple being the central theme of the template. The animations depict apple images in different layouts. These layouts can be used for various purposes such as for making educational presentations, infographics and diagrams.

Animations Depicting Apple Puzzle Pieces

One of the most common layouts in this education themed template includes apple puzzle piece animations. The title slide shows an apple which is completed as a puzzle piece fits right into it.

Animated education puzzle PowerPoint template

In many other sample slides also have puzzle piece animations, where pieces join together to form an apple, with text appearing on the side.

Apple puzzle pieces

Flexible Layouts

The layouts are flexible, as you can drag and drop objects to rearrange them, as well as add your own additional text and images. There is ample space to add text, so you might not require adding additional placeholders but you may choose to do so if you want to. Moreover, whatever content you add will gel with the animations.

Apple themed comparison layout

Create Infographics, Mind Maps & Tree Diagrams

One of the purposes for which you can use the sample layouts is to make diagrams or infographics. You can create anything from a representation of your mind maps to tree diagrams and custom infographics.

Apple tree

Recolor Apple Illustrations within Slides

The objects in sample slides are so easy to customize that you can even recolor them. The below image shows an apple image that we recolored using formatting options in PowerPoint. Just select the image you want to recolor and click Format from the ribbon menu. From there you can pick custom colors via Shape Fill. You can also reveal these formatting options via right-click menu.

Recolor apple image

You can download this education and apple themed slide deck for PC and Mac editions of Microsoft PowerPoint. For detailed compatibility information, see the download page for the template via the link given below.

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