Animated School PowerPoint Templates

Presentation topics which are difficult to liven up are often associated with education and nothing can be more dull than a presentation about a school! This is why you might require the aid of interesting and eye-popping slide designs to grab the attention of your audience. The Animated School PowerPoint Templates listed below can help you do just that. These templates are perfect for presentations related to schools, education, for making class lectures, student presentations and the like.

Animated School’s in Session PowerPoint Template

This animated PowerPoint Template acts as a toolkit for school theme presentations. It has both animated and static slides which you can mix and mash according to requirement.

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Schools in session PowerPoint Template

The template has a dozen layouts which provide the option to add text to eye-catching placeholders, as well as to use dozens of given clipart images to create custom slides that can help you keep your audience awake with novel ideas.

School course slide

The below slide for example, can be used for making a chart using a readymade layouts that are both unique and interesting.

Pencil chart slide

Likewise, you can copy clipart images from the clipart slide to use across your presentation as you please. As shown in the image below, these clipart images provide a variety of items that can be used for a plethora of topics, ranging from chemistry, geometry, general science, geography, arts, rules and regulations of the school, grading criteria, etc.

You can download this animated template in Standard and Widescreen format for the following application versions:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iPad

Go to Presenter Media – School’s in Session PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – School’s in Session PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

School clipart images

Animated Back To School PowerPoint Template

Time to get back to school and present your ideas in style! This is another handy animated template which provides school themed clipart and layouts that are easy to customize to match your specific needs. Just use the sample layouts and the animations will play with your added text and images when you present your presentation in Slide Show mode.

Back to school PowerPoint template

The layouts in this template depict blackboards, notebooks, book stacks and other novel slide designs for making presentation regarding any educational subject or a broader topic.

Notebook slide design

This template too has school related clipart images allocated in a separate slide for the convenience of presenters. You can download this template for the following applications:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iPad

Go to Presenter Media – Back To School PowerPoint Template

School items clipart

Back To School Supplies Clipart

This is a clipart that depicts a book stack with the word ‘Back to School’ written alongside it. You can download this clipart in different image resolutions as a PNG or JPG image.

Go to Presenter Media – Back To School Supplies Clipart

Back to school supplies clipart

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