Participoll Add-in: Easy To Use Audience Response System For PowerPoint

When it comes to conducting polls during Live presentations the options are many. However, what method or service you might choose will depend upon multiple factors, including your preferred and required mode of gathering audience feedback, as well as your budget.

Gather Audience Feedback Using PowerPoint Live Polls

Participoll is an easy to use PowerPoint add-in which enables conducting Live polls right from within PowerPoint. Once a poll is initiated via PowerPoint, the audience can participate by going to your given poll link via any internet connected device. All gathered data including poll results and audience comments can be seen by logging in to your Participoll account.

audience polling for system for powerpoint

How To Use Participoll?

Using Participoll is easy, simply sign up for a free account and during the sign up process select a unique voting address (e.g.

register for participoll

Use Participoll Even if You Don’t Have User Privileges for Installing Programs

Once you are logged in to your account, download the Participoll add-in. In case you are having problems installing Participoll on your computer or you don’t have user privileges for installing application on your system, you can still use Participoll by downloading the Macro Enabled version.

download participoll

Insert Polls in PowerPoint

To start a poll, simply click Insert Poll option from the Participoll tab in PowerPoint. Once a poll has been inserted, click Start Polling and login to your account. To stop the polling process anytime, click Stop Polling.

insert polls in powerpoint

Gather User Feedback via Polling URL and View Advanced Statistics

When a poll starts your audience can go to your polling URL to vote or leave comments, using any device with an internet browser, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The below screenshots shows a user responding from a Live poll via an Android device.

To view your poll results and user feedback, you will have to login to your Participoll account.

participoll live poll

Participoll Introductory Video

For a brief introduction of Participoll, see the developer’s introductory video given below.


Participoll can be tried on a one month free trial basis, however, to see audience feedback you will have to subscribe for a paid account. Participoll gives the advantage of gather audience feedback via polls and Live comments using a mechanism that costs not more than £2.99 per month, which is significantly cheaper than other more elaborate options like TurningPoint.


During testing we ran across installation errors and had to resort to using the macro enabled version. Participoll also lacks elaborate polling features like PollEverywhere and Presentain. Furthermore, Participoll is currently not available for Mac, however, according to the developer, a Macro Enabled Mac version is in the works.

Go to Participoll

Visit participoll's website to learn more about this tool.

Go to Participoll

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