Efficiently Record Audience Responses With Triton Data Collection System

Data collection systems for audience response are of two types, one a digital medium to record and interpret data and the prehistoric method of collecting information on paper. But even digital systems and apps which offer data collection can be a bit difficult to implement. In previous posts we provided you with reviews of different data collection systems for webinars, PowerPoint Presentations and other types of events. Such as web apps like Presentain and PollEverywhere. This time we will explore the Triton Data Collection System, which is a more comprehensive and elaborate mechanism for collecting data, which includes the web, a receiver and an app.

Data Collection System from Turning Technologies

Before we start with what the Triton system has to offer, it is worth mentioning here that this system has come from a company which is famous for providing assessment delivery and data collection solutions, i.e. Turning Technologies. The company has been quite a success when it comes to providing data collection solutions and it is estimated that it has delivered around seven million ResponseCard keypads to businesses and educational institutes globally.

triton system by turning technologies

What is Triton Data Collection System and how to use it?

Now, coming to what is the Triton Data Collection System? It is based on three components, namely, the Triton Web, Receiver and the ResponseCard clicker. The system can be used to replace bubble sheets with ResponseCard clickers, making data collection more robust and easy. Participants submit answers using the clicker, which comes with a secure radio frequency data transfer mechanism. response card clicker

The Proctor Application is quite easy to use and is stored on a USB Receiver and works via plug and play. The data that is collected is encrypted and saved in a Triton Web portal which also manages the testing elements. For a complete overview of how the product works, see this Product Detail page.

triton data collection system

There can be various benefits of using the Triton system, which not only includes a fast and reliable mechanism to collect data but also a secure environment that can help you keep the collected information protected, which is essential for corporate users in particular. Furthermore, a single proctor computer station can be used to administer as many as 1000 participants, which is more than adequate for most types of events where user response may be collected.

To find out more about the Triton Data Collection System, head over to the developer’s website.

Go to Triton Data Collection System

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