Working with RGB Colors in PowerPoint for Mac

If you are trying to use RGB Colors in PowerPoint for Mac, it is possible that the default system color picker won’t show the RGB field to enter the RGB color values when you click More Colors in the Font properties or Shape color properties. In these situations, where only the color wheel appears, you …

Create And Search Color Palettes Using Images With Color Hunter

An easy method of creating color palettes is to use attractive images to derive a set of colors. However, doing so manually using a color picker can be quite time consuming. Color Hunter is a website which provides users the option to generate color palettes by searching and uploading images.

How Colors Affect PowerPoint Presentations

When you are making a PowerPoint Presentation, color plays a vital role. It can influence the way your audience views your presentation and how much information they are able to grasp. How different colors interact with one another and how you use them can have a huge impact on the appearance of your presentation.

Responsive Color Palette Tool Flatuicolors

If you need to pick colors for your next PowerPoint presentation template or presentation in PowerPoint 2010, then you can use free color palette and tools online. Here we will show you Flatuicolors, it is a free online website that offer a responsive layout where you can pick colors in different color formats, including RGB, …

How to Make a Rainbow Background as a PowerPoint template

Rainbow backgrounds can be used in PowerPoint presentations and here we will learn how to make simple but awesome rainbow backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations. Basically what we will do is to create a new template from scratch using the rainbow colors in the background. You will learn how to add a gradient fill as a …

How to Choose a Good Color Scheme for PowerPoint Presentations

Choosing colors can be trivial for many people, but if you are wondering how to choose a good color scheme for PowerPoint presentations then let’s see some ideas here. First, we can use free online tools to generate a color scheme and then you can download the color scheme for your PowerPoint presentations or just …

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