Table design, color and styles in PowerPoint presentation

In Microsoft PowerPoint you can design your tables to match your corporate colors or identity colors, but also you can create nice charts and tables with color schemes and combinations of color that helps to make really impressive PowerPoint presentations. Here we will show you how to change the table colors in PowerPoint so you can create catchy PowerPoint presentation templates.

table design powerpoint custom power design

First, you need to create a table in Microsoft PowerPoint as we explained in our previous article. Then you are ready to apply a color scheme to an existing table. In order to do this you need to click on the Design tab in the top menu and here we will see a Table Styles menu.

table styles

Here you can click on any existing design while having the table selected. And now you can change the table colors and styles easily.

Notice that if you right click the selected style in the tables style section, you can also choose to Set as Default. This is very helpful if you always want to use the same color styles for the tables.

table design

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