How to Add a Solid Fill to Any Shape in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010 you can control the way shapes are filled and use a solid color to fill the shape, a gradient style, or fill the shape with images. Here we will show you how to easily add a solid fill to any shape using PowerPoint 2010.

solid fill powerpoint 2010

You can change the solid color by accessing the Format Shape properties (right click on the shape to see this open in the contextual menu). Then look for Fill tab and then choose Solid fill. Now you can choose the color that will be used to fill the shape. You can also change the transparency level if you want.

Solid Fill to Any Shape in PowerPoint 2010

Another way to change the fill options is from the Drawing Tools -> Format menu on top of the PowerPoint 2010 ribbon. From here, click on Shape Fills having your shape selected and then choose the color in the Theme Colors area. You can also use Standard Color or pick any recent color. Alternatively you may want to change the texture, gradient (see PowerPoint gradient fill) or picture used to fill the shape or choose No Fill to remove the fill option for the selected shape.

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