Proposal Pitch PowerPoint Template

Corporate themes with warm colors can be a good choice for making pitch decks. Paradigm Gradient is a proposal pitch PowerPoint template with layouts that provide a modern design and infographics for presenting important information.

Paradigm PowerPoint template

Introduce Your Company, Service and Team

The slide elements come with colors and designs that pop out. This can help you highlight your content while using supporting text to explain it. The template has a very colorful layout and despite that, it makes good use of whitespace. This enables important content to be highlighted while giving your audience a visually pleasing experience.

Introduction of the company for a Pitch Deck

Over half a dozen slides in this template provide you with different layouts you might need for making a corporate presentation. You can use the sample slides to create a sequence to introduce your company, services, team and present important data, such as the past success of your company.

Introduction of your services in a Pitch Deck

Change Pictures in Sample Slides

You can edit the sample layouts to showcase your team, services, create infographics or present important information. All this can be done by adding text or replacing the sample images. The template is quite flexible in terms of editing options and you can even use drag and drop to create something unique and new in no time.

Customize welcome message for Pitch Deck

You will also find a number of sample icons for corporate use within slide layouts. These icons can be used to present different types of trends, data or information relevant to your presentation topic. Many of the used sample icons are universal and often used as icons for presenting data, dates, trends, etc.

Proposal pitch PowerPoint template

The colors despite being a bit flashy don’t appear disruptive in slideshow mode. This makes the template perfect for formal presentations. Other than corporate use, you can also use this proposal pitch PowerPoint template as a freelancer to showcase your work.

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