Merging Arrows Animated Flowchart PowerPoint Template

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024

In previous posts we have covered various flowchart PowerPoint templates. These templates are handy for making flowcharts in PowerPoint, with precise symbols, to depict a process. Some of our previously covered flowchart templates were also compiled in a list post of the Best Animated Flowchart PowerPoint Templates. This time we have another animated flowchart template for PowerPoint users, namely, the Merging Arrows Animated Flowchart PowerPoint Template.

Merging arrows flochart PowerPoint template

Flowchart Diagrams with Merging Arrows Animation

This template provides sample slides with flowchart diagrams that connect with animated arrows. You can replace the sample symbols to reflect your process more accurately. If you are new to flowcharts you might want to learn the meaning of each symbol. For details regarding flowcharts, see our posts about the Meaning of Flowchart Symbols and our Guide to Making Flowcharts.

Flowchart diagrams template for PowerPoint presentations

Insert Flowchart Symbols from Clipart Slide

The clipart slide provides symbols for making your flowcharts. You can pick the colored symbols from this slide and replace the ones in various sample slides to reflect your process with an accurate flow diagram. These symbols can also be edited according to need.

Flowchart symbols clipart

Replace Flowchart Symbols in Sample Slides

If you can’t find a symbol you need, simply click the symbol and change the shape via Drawing Tools –> Edit Shape –> Format –> Change Shape. This way, you can easily reshape the sample diagrams without much effort. However, this does not mean that you have limited customization options. You can easily add new symbols from either the clipart slide or directly from PowerPoint Shapes.

Replace flowchart symbols

Converging Arrows Flowchart

The template contains two sequences, with animated and static slides. Moreover, there are also some slides with instructions for customizing your sample slides. There are two major slide layouts that you will find in this template. These include merging arrows with sample symbols (as shown in the second screenshot above) and illustrations of multiple arrows merging towards a single outcome (as shown below). The number of arrows differ per slide, as some slides have more arrows, which eventually reduce as you proceed with other slides in the slide deck.

Arrows merging towards one outcome

You can also preview the sample slides at the developer’s website. For details about compatibility of the template, head over to the download page (link given below).

Go to Presenter Media – Merging Arrows Animated Flowchart PowerPoint Template (Standard Template)

Go to Presenter Media – Merging Arrows Animated Flowchart PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Template)

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