Anniversary Banner PowerPoint Template


Anniversaries, whether of a wedding or a business, mark a very special and important milestone in the lives of people or companies. It is celebrated by everyone involved, whether by the couple or the employees, as a way to look back on beginnings and to look forward to the future.

Animated Ornaments PowerPoint Template

Ornaments are symbolic for different festivals and events like Christmas and the New Year. The Animated Ornament Swirls PowerPoint Template is a festival themed template with slides depicting generic ornament decorations that you can customize according to various presentation topics.

Children’s Birthday Card Template For PowerPoint

Vibrant and Festive Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint

Children’s birthday celebrations are filled with fun, games and color. It’s all about life and excitement and the carefree fun that only children can really bring out. To give your own children’s birthday parties a fun flair, you can use the template that we are featuring below.

Free Celebration PowerPoint Templates

Standard Celebration-Themed Template for Many Occasions

Occasions of triumph, success, overcoming obstacles, reaching a milestone, meeting a goal. All these require a celebration. And for these times worth keeping in memory and sharing with others, you would need presentations to glorify and commemorate these moments. Thus, we will show you some beautiful celebration PowerPoint templates that you can download for free and …

Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template With Bubbles

Animated and Celebration-Themed PowerPoint Template

Champagne Bubbles Celebration is an animated template that shows different sized golden and shiny champagne bubbles floating across the slide. This slide is available for PowerPoint for Mac and PC and can be used for presentations relating to celebrations, occasions, victories, parties, milestones and such.

Premium & Free Halloween PowerPoint Templates for 2013

Time for chills and thrills as Halloween dawns upon us. Before you take your children out for trick-or-treating or say good bye to work for festivities, you might require making a Halloween based presentation for personal or professional use. So, if you need a spooky PowerPoint Template for a meeting or event at office or …

Good Independence Day PowerPoint Templates for July 4th

If you need to prepare PowerPoint presentations to celebrate the Independence Day in this July 4th, then here we will show you some templates that may help you to do the job and make impressive PowerPoint presentations for July 4th with awesome patriotic backgrounds and animated US flags. We will review paid & free PowerPoint …