Animated Ornaments PowerPoint Template

Ornaments are symbolic for different festivals and events like Christmas and the New Year. The Animated Ornament Swirls PowerPoint Template is a festival themed template with slides depicting generic ornament decorations that you can customize according to various presentation topics.

Create Presentations About The Holiday Season, Festivals and Celebrations

Be it presentations about Christmas, the New Year or whether you want to make printable greeting cards, this PowerPoint template can be effectively used for getting the job done. The opening slide shows hanging ornaments with placeholders to introduce your topic.

Animated ornaments swirls PowerPoint template

Elegant Slides With Animations

The template provides a dozen elegant slides with animations of hanging ornaments. The layouts are generic and professionally crafted to give presenters the opportunity to use this template for professional presentations.

Ornament swirls slide design

Recolor and Customize Slides for Non-Holiday Presentation Topics

Other than topics related to the holiday season, you can also use this animated presentation template for non-holiday presentations using the generic images and animations. Basically, each slide is represented with the custom text you add and the animations, clipart and overall layouts have been designed to complement the added text.

Ornament swirls comparison slide

You can even recolor slide objects and layouts to reflect corporate branding or a specific type of event (associated with that color).

Recolor animated slide background

Presentation Layouts Suitable for Any Type of Content

There are a range of customizable slide designs that you can utilize for presenting your content. For example, you can make comparison slides, picture slides, text-heavy slides and even incorporate statistical information by making minor changes to the given sample layouts.

The template is so customizable that you can even move around individual objects via drag and drop and copy to reuse them across existing or new slides created from scratch.

Ornament swirls slide for adding main points

The template has Widescreen and Standard variants for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. You can use this template with:

  • PowerPoint (Windows and Mac)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac)

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