Good Independence Day PowerPoint Templates for July 4th

If you need to prepare PowerPoint presentations to celebrate the Independence Day in this July 4th, then here we will show you some templates that may help you to do the job and make impressive PowerPoint presentations for July 4th with awesome patriotic backgrounds and animated US flags. We will review paid & free PowerPoint templates for Independence Day. Most of these can be downloaded from this same website and you can find them under July 4th PPT templates, but some other require a subscription.

Free America PowerPoint Template

This was one of the templates we have created with US flag.

This free independence day template has only two slides, one for the cover slide and another simple layout where you can put your content. Here is a preview of the internal slide design for Independence Day.

Free Liberty PowerPoint Template for Independence Day Presentations

This is another PPT template that you can download to make awesome presentations this Independence Day July 4th, 2013.

Alternatively you can download other free backgrounds for Independence day with US landscapes, US flags and symbols.

Patriotic PowerPoint Templates with Animations and Custom Layouts

Instead, if you are looking for premium PowerPoint templates with awesome animated flag of United States, then you can check the following templates and cliparts for Microsoft PowerPoint. These are provided by PresenterMedia, one of the largest PPT presentation providers and best quality PowerPoint presentations.

If you are looking for animated Independence Day PowerPoint templates then this patriotic PPT template can be a good choice. It not only have a great animated flag of United States but also custom layouts that you can use to display charts and graphics.

independence balloons us flag powerpoint template

Beside the PPT templates, you can also download animated cliparts including the Uncle Sam figure with waving US flag.

uncle sam powerpoint template july 4th

Or instead you can download decorative Fourth of July image containing flag with text that fits very suitable for Independence Day and celebrate July 4th freedom, the declaration of independence and tradition.

us animation powerpoint july 4th

The clipart with American Balloons is also a very good resource and asset that you can use in your presentations to make slide designs with style. It contains four balloons with stars, stripes and red, white, and blue balloons with US flag styles. You can use this for celebration and Fourth July events.

american flag balloons powerpoint

Animated Waving US flag for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint is another good asset and animated GIF clipart that you can use in your web pages or PowerPoint presentations. This clipart with waving US flag can be used to make PowerPoint presentations and it is available in different resolutions.

waving flag powerpoint us

The patriotic template for PowerPoint also has some nice and useful cliparts and images that you can use in the Independence Day. As you can see in the example below, the slide design contains US flags, medals and other signs  like balloons with the US flag.

medal us powerpoint template independence day free background

All these are good resources to celebrate July 4th. You can opt to use the free templates that are very basic or instead choose a premium PowerPoint template for Independence Day. Alternatively you can check our other free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for July 4th.

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