Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template With Bubbles

Champagne Bubbles Celebration is an animated template that shows different sized golden and shiny champagne bubbles floating across the slide. This slide is available for PowerPoint for Mac and PC and can be used for presentations relating to celebrations, occasions, victories, parties, milestones and such.

Animated and Celebration-Themed PowerPoint Template

Animated Slides With Celebration Images

Whether your team has met its quota, your company has reached No. 1, or you are celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary, this Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template with Bubbles is the perfect presentation template for you.

Contains Celebration Icons and Images

This Animated Template features an opening slide filled with randomly sized champagne bubbles to set the mood for the rest of your celebration-themed presentation. Inside, the champagne bubble theme continues with the slide background featuring the same animation. This premium PowerPoint Template also allows you to insert Celebration Images and Icons to further take your theme to the next level and make an impact on your audience.

Features SmartArt, Charts and Graphs

This Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template with Bubbles also allows you to present your data in a concise and visual manner through the use of SmartArt, Charts, Graphs and Tables. You can present your Agenda or Summary with shapes and flowcharts. There are also pre-made tables, graphs and charts that let you show information in an organized and visual presentation. These unique layouts are great for presenting your sales, expenses, savings, revenue, and many more.

Animated Champagne Template with Bars, Graphs and Charts

Select from Many Types of Layouts

No matter what type of information or topic you are going to present with this Animated Champagne PowerPoint Template with Bubbles, you can be sure to wow your audience. This Celebration-themed template contains more than a dozen different types of slide layouts that you can use for displaying text, visuals, photos, comparisons, timelines, summaries, stages, tables, and other data.

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