Best Halloween Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you’re making a presentation at the workplace or for a school project, if it’s October, it might not hurt to add some Halloween cheer to your slides. In a previous post we brought you a list of the best Halloween PowerPoint templates, this time we have a list of Halloween clipart that can help you make some awesome PowerPoint presentations.


Rustic Pumpkin Chalkboard Clipart with Custom Text

This clipart image displays a rustic chalkboard with the option to insert your own text. To add your text, go to the download page and use the ‘Customize Your Message’ box to enter your desired text to the image. Once you have added your text, you can download the clipart as a PNG or JPG image file. Your text will be added to the chalkboard within the image.

As you can see from the image below, the added text appears quite realistic, which can be quite handy for making attractive Halloween themed slide decks.

Go to Presenter Media – Rustic Pumpkin Chalkboard Clipart with Custom Text


Scary Pumpkins Clipart with Custom Text

This is another custom text clipart which shows scary pumpkins with custom text. We customized this clipart image from the download page to add a custom message to demonstrate the utility of this clipart. As you can see from the below image, this clipart can help you generate a high resolution image with your custom text.

Go to Presenter Media – Scary Pumpkins Clipart with Custom Text


Scary Pumpkin Fun Clipart

This fun clipart image shows a glowing jack-o-lantern with a sinister smile. You can download this Halloween clipart in a resolution of your choice as either a PNG or JPG file.

Go to Presenter Media – Scary Pumpkin Fun Clipart


Stick Figure Ghost Clipart

This is a high resolution clipart image with a funny image of a stick figure ghost. You can use this 3D Halloween clipart to add some humor to your slides. Like other clipart images in this list, you can also customize the background and adjust brightness, saturation, shadow and reflection via the formatting options at the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure Ghost Clipart


Cat Leaning on Pumpkin Halloween Clipart

This is another witty clipart of a cat leaning on a pumpkin. This 3D Halloween clipart is very eye-catching, especially due to the shiny cat fur that makes the image more attention grabbing. Since black cats and pumpkins go hand in hand on Halloween, this is a perfect Halloween clipart for your October presentations.

Go to Presenter Media – Cat Leaning on Pumpkin Halloween Clipart


Halloween Price Tag Clipart with Custom Text

Halloween is also the time for big sales and to sell that fancy merchandise. This custom text clipart can help you create a price tag image with your custom message to create sales related slideshows.

Go to Presenter Media – Halloween Price Tag Clipart with Custom Text


You can download more amazing Halloween clipart images, including custom text, 2D and 3D clipart, from the link given below.

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