Animated Party PowerPoint Templates

Last updated on October 21st, 2023

Want to depict a party scene in your presentation slides? How about we provide you with some Animated Party PowerPoint Templates to spice up your presentation? With confettis, balloons, and other decorative content, these templates can be used for any cheerful occasion, be it a presentation about the closing quarter nearing the New Year, a Halloween party slide show or some other celebration.

Animated party PowerPoint templates

Deep Blur Balloons PowerPoint Template

What’s a party without some nice balloons? The Blur Balloons PowerPoint Template presents some finely crafted slides with awesome balloon layouts. You can also edit the colors of the template to match your company’s colors, insert a company logo and customize slide elements by dragging them around.

The slides in this template are animated and all you need to do is to edit the sample content with your own to create animated slides.

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Deep blue balloons PowerPoint template

Party Time Balloons PowerPoint Template

Another balloon themed template, this is a more colorful template with some awesome slide layouts. The colorful balloon layouts are easy on the eyes and quite visually pleasing. The balloon graphics seem like a neat image captured from a DSLR camera, making the layouts all the more interesting.

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Party time balloons PowerPoint template

Party Celebration Animation for PowerPoint

This is a simple GIF animation of a stick figure celebrating with confettis flying all around him. You can download this animation not only in GIF format but also as a video file. The animation is quite generic and can help add some humor to your presentation.

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Party celebration animation for PowerPoint

Party Balloons Clipart

Looking for a static image of some nice balloons? Download this static clipart in a custom resolution. The supported image formats include PNG and the more common JPG.

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Party balloons clipart

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