All You Need To Know About QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

Intuit QuickBooks is a famous accounting software used by small, medium size and even large organizations around the world. QuickBooks has famous desktop apps for Windows and Mac, but perhaps their most exclusive application is the one that works from the cloud; i.e. QuickBooks Online ( In what is to follow, we will provide you with a brief overview about Intuit QuickBooks Online accounting software and how you can use it for your organization.

What’s Special About Intuit QuickBooks?

Many small businesses have accountants working on apps like Excel for documentation and management of finances. This always runs the risk of errors. Not to mention working on Excel to perform accounting tasks is sheer torture! QuickBooks is an accounting software which helps compute and manage business payments, bills, income statement, as well as payroll functions. Furthemore, QB Online is also compatible with other Intuit apps like Quicken online.

You can even generate elaborate reports and connect your financial accounts. Moreover, if you are making a PowerPoint presentation to explain financial information for your organization, you are sure to have all data you need in a jiffy using QuickBooks.

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online is a cost-effective cloud accounting software that you can use for all your organization’s  accounting tasks. It has unique web based features such as; remote access, remote assistance for payroll, electronic payments and other online banking features, as well as the option to connect to a wide range of accounting apps like Float, Gusto, jobber., etc.

How QuickBooks works

Getting Started with QuickBooks Online

You can start using QBO (QuickBooks Online) by using the risk free trial version. Simply select a free trial account for a package you want to try out and fill in the sign up form and QuickBooks online login information.

Sign up for QuickBooks Online

You will be asked to enter basic information for your organization so that it can be integrated into your accounting tasks. You can also add this information in a later Intuit login session.

Enter business information

Managing Customers, Vendors and Employees with QuickBooks Online

The menu on the left provides pretty much all of what you need to streamline your accounting functions. The Customers section can be used for adding detailed information for your customers, including billing information to generate invoices. Similarly, you can use the Vendors section to add financial information for your vendors. For payroll functions, head over to the Employees menu.

Enter banking information

Managing Transactions with QuickBooks Online

The Transactions menu contains various sub-menus for adding and managing information related to your bank accounts, sales and expenses. You can access detailed reports via the Reports menu, as well as compute taxes and connect apps in the following menus.

Managing transactions in QuickBooks Online

Support for a Plethora of Accounting Apps

If you are already using an accounting software, the chances are you can connect and sync your data using QuickBooks Online. These web apps and accounting solutions include time tracking, sales, e-transaction and financial reporting applications.

The supported apps include; PayPal, Square, Float, Salesforce, Gusto, Spotlight Reporting, ConvergeHub, GetMyTime,, SellerActive, eProdigy Funding, eFile4Biz, Results, BizSlate, We Worked, AmericanExpress, Freckle Time Tracking, bilSync, Red Team, unify, LivePlan, Transactions Plus, Time Clock by Work, Fundera and many others.

Supported accounting apps

QuickBooks Online has a number of packages that you can try out for free. If you are self-employed, you might like the Independent Contractor package which costs $9.99 per month. Other packages include; the Simple Start package which costs $12.95 per month, the Essentials package worth 26.95 per month and the Plus package worth $29.95 per month.

You can try all the aforementioned packages on a 30 day trial basis.

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