Strategy Pyramid For Management Using SmartArt Graphics

The strategy pyramid for management can be considered as the backbone of your business and missing just one of its component will render your business weak or unstable. Hence, you can better plan for your business if you can present the management strategies in a clear and organized manner and needless to say, using Pyramid List SmartArt in your PowerPoint Presentation will actually do the trick.

Pyramid SmartArt To Present Management Strategies

Using the Pyramid List SmartArt to present business management strategies can help organize and stylize your PowerPoint presentations. And as shown below, you can discuss the different important points or factors without missing a beat.

pyramid list 6

Like in the Vision, Mission and Goals for example, many  start up entrepreneurs or newbies in the business most probably are confused on the differences of the said management processes. But using the Pyramid List, you can explain the differences clearly or least to say, better and easier.  Hence, Vision is basically what you want your company to become in the future like being the best provider of solar panels or to become the number 1 bottle manufacturing company that uses green energy and so on and so forth. It will also be best if you can have a vision board since this will help you visualize what you want your company to become.

pyramid list 4

The Mission statement, on the other hand, is basically what your company does. Take for example the Mission of a well-known social media platform, Twitter. Twitter’s Mission is basically to provide service for the whole family, colleagues and friends to communicate and stay connected. Part of its mission is to basically update your contacts by answering the question, ‘What are you doing?’ With the examples given above, I am pretty sure that you now know the difference between Vision and Mission.

Goals, however, is basically the same yet not quite with Vision since the difference lies with the time-frame connected with Goals.   An example of this can be, “To produce 2,000,000 units of bottles using green energy by 2015.”

Clearly Differentiate Strategies From Tactics

Two aspects of business management that you need to be clear on are Strategies and Tactics. The former basically answers the question ‘what’ like ‘What does your company tries to accomplish while Tactics answers the ‘how’ questions like ‘How are we going to accomplish strategies or the goals.’ Although  both are inter-related or connected, which is the foremost reason why the Pyramid List was perfect to use to present business management concepts, there are still differences between the two. But to reiterate, since both are interconnected as mentioned earlier, asking the wrong questions in the strategies will definitely affect the tactics on the means of carrying out the strategies.

pyramid list 5

Furthermore, strategies and tactics work hand in hand to carry out the plans or make sure that the goals are met and satisfied. Lastly, the Action Plan is basically your decision points on what steps to take to achieve your goals, but as mentioned earlier, action plans will not stand alone without the help of Strategies and Tactics.

In a nutshell, using the Pyramid List and other SmartArt graphics will help you flesh out your ideas or business presentation clearly and effectively.

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