Ocean Painting PowerPoint Template


Bodies of water are always a great idea for presentation themes because they embody nature, calm, and relaxation. People would always want to see this and would appreciate an eye-catching scenery of the ocean in any beautifully designed slide. While you can’t always use a realistic ocean picture in your slides, you can always use …

Blue Sky Business PowerPoint Template


Blue is a calming, tranquil color that is also pleasing to the eyes. The color blue also conveys trust and serenity. This is why many brands use different shades of blue for their logos and as part of their color scheme. In your own presentation, you can also use blue to not only capture the …

Snowflakes Christmas PowerPoint Template


As the holiday season draws near, you would need a PowerPoint presentation template that conveys the spirit of the season. This template is something that can be used for different purposes in the Christmas and holiday season, so you would not have to create one from scratch, especially when you are busy with your own …

Blue Atom PowerPoint Template


Despite being literally everywhere, atoms tend to still spark that air of mystery. Perhaps it’s because they still remain unseen, and they move in ways that any normal person could not easily understand. Still, you can always understand atoms, as your audience would your presentations, especially if you have an atom-themed template.

Point Of Reference PowerPoint Template


A point of reference gives you adequate, actual, and realistic perspective about certain things. When you ask, “How far is point A from point B” a point of reference allows you to visualize and have a basis for your statements. Furthermore, points of references are great for directions, showing where different other points meet.

Berrylicious PowerPoint Template

If you are into blueberries, you will love this next template, which you can use for all your presentation needs. This Berrylicious PowerPoint Template is a hip and trendy berry-inspired template that you can use for free if you’re going to make presentations for school, work, or personal topics.

Sheer Blue Border Widescreen PowerPoint Template


Nothing is as refreshing to the eyes as bright colors. Even better, bright blue ones. If you are planning to create a technical or very serious PowerPoint presentation, you may want to counter it with something light and easy on the eyes such as this next blue template.

Concourse PowerPoint Template


If you’re looking for a versatile, corporate, and professional-looking general purpose PowerPoint template, the Concourse PowerPoint Template is the perfect choice. This template looks generic, but it is your perfect companion if you need to make a quick presentation especially if you’re on the go.

Thatch PowerPoint Template

Simple and Beautiful General Purpose Template

The Thatch PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed widescreen format slide template that you can use for business, school, or personal presentations. It has a thatch effect that can be seen in the thin blue strands going across the height of the slide. These blue lines show a thatch effect of long thin textures that …

Celestial Background Template For PowerPoint

Dark yet Beautiful Celestial Background PowerPoint Template

Topics related to astronomy, astrology, space, design, or other similar topics would need presentation templates that relate to them. In this case, you would need presentation slides that have the elements of the sky, space, stars and celestial bodies.