Point Of Reference PowerPoint Template

A point of reference gives you adequate, actual, and realistic perspective about certain things. When you ask, “How far is point A from point B” a point of reference allows you to visualize and have a basis for your statements. Furthermore, points of references are great for directions, showing where different other points meet.


If you want to show points of reference in a way that reflects in your presentation, you can do this with the help of the Point of Reference PowerPoint Template, which features a beautiful blue background and modern aesthetics.

Landscape Theme in Blue

The Point of Reference PowerPoint Template features a landscape image of the sea and the horizon ahead as its background. It is overlaid with shades of blue and there are thin white straight lines coming in all directions and meeting in one point in the slide. This same look prevails in all of the slides, giving you cohesion and uniformity throughout your whole presentation.

The Title slide has a solid blue text for the title, which is further highlighted by a thin white outline so it stands out from the background. The same white and blue text style can be seen throughout the rest of the five slides that are already prepared as you open the template.


When you click on New Slide in the Home menu in the Ribbon, you can also see other slide layouts to give you many ways to display your presentation data. You can even insert tables, charts, and diagrams easily.

Easily Customizable Template

Furthermore, you can customize the template by formatting the background and even adding textures and many other design elements. You can also insert your own company or school logo to further personalize the template. Furthermore, you can add transition slides to switch from one main idea or topic to the next. It is also easy to add beautiful animations to further grab the attention of your audience.


This template is a general purpose template and can be used for office, school, or home presentations. You can use this for business plans to project proposals to even photo albums.

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