Ocean Painting PowerPoint Template

Bodies of water are always a great idea for presentation themes because they embody nature, calm, and relaxation. People would always want to see this and would appreciate an eye-catching scenery of the ocean in any beautifully designed slide. While you can’t always use a realistic ocean picture in your slides, you can always use ocean paintings, which add a touch of artistic expression to your deck.


The Ocean Painting PowerPoint Template is a beautiful and artistic presentation template that you can use for free anytime you need a quick theme for home, school, or office presentations. This template contains 11 slides each with different layouts and designs while still maintaining the ocean painting theme. Let’s take a closer look at these slides.

This Ocean Painting template features a watercolor-style background that abstractly resembles a calm ocean. The colors, which are shades of blue, conveys calmness and serenity.


This free PowerPoint template contains different layout options that allow you to present your information concisely while giving your whole presentation a professional look. If blue is not your favorite hue, then you can still set off the background with other complementary colors such as orange, or even use green and purple to set off the ocean painting background.

You can also choose other layout options other than the ones readily available on the template. By clicking on the New Slides or Slides option in the Home menu, you can populate a wide array of slide layouts. You can also use a blank slide and create your very own layout if you prefer.


The colors and subdued design are also great for information-packed presentations because the slides are easy on the eyes and will make your audience pay attention to your slides without being overloaded.

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