Sheer Blue Border Widescreen PowerPoint Template

Nothing is as refreshing to the eyes as bright colors. Even better, bright blue ones. If you are planning to create a technical or very serious PowerPoint presentation, you may want to counter it with something light and easy on the eyes such as this next blue template.


The Sheer Blue Border Widescreen PowerPoint Template contains sheer bright blue to turquoise colors that make any slideshow look light and cool. This template contains ribbons of sheer, soft blue lines that borders each slide. Meanwhile, the background is in a lighter shade of blue as well, making the template look monochromatic without being boring.

Light and Easy on the Eyes

This sheer blue border template succeeds at looking hip and modern. It is also in widescreen format, making your content stand out even more and allowing your audience to easily see and read your slides even from a distance. This widescreen format also takes advantage of the horizontal space so you can easily insert tables, charts, and other images side by side without crowding your slides.

To start creating your own presentation, simply edit the already existing Title Slide. Click on the placeholders to type your Title and Subtitle. You can also go ahead and go over the rest of the 11 premade slides to complete your own slideshow in minutes.


You can even rearrange, duplicate, and delete the slides to further customize your slideshow. You can also click on New Slide on the Home menu and choose from more slide layouts.

To further make this sheer blue border widescreen template yours, you can add footers and your logo and slogan on every slide.

Create Beautiful Slides Wherever You Are

Another great feature of this PowerPoint Online template is that it can be accessed online through a browser. This makes it easy for users of all knowledge level to create presentations right from their mobile devices and from any computer. They can save their progress on the cloud to go back to it anytime using another device. They also have the option to save the template to their own device or computer and modify it offline from there.

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