Student Reference Letter Template For Word

A teacher’s job is important in shaping the minds of children, up until they are in college and are ready to take on the world. Within the four walls of a classroom, it is the teachers’ responsibility to encourage learning and thinking to their students, as well as give these learners the knowledge that they need to pursue the careers or jobs that they want. However, a teacher’s job doesn’t really abruptly end as soon as their students graduate.

Student reference letter template for Word

This is where reference letters come in. Students who are getting into an entry-level job, trying to get into an internship, or applying for a job to start their dream careers would need help from their teachers in the form of recommendations. For teachers needing to write these recommendations, the Student Reference Letter Template for Word is a perfect companion.

For teachers, writing student reference letters for dozens of students can be a tedious job because let’s face it, teachers need to write dozens or more of these letters every school year. They need a reliable, simple, and professional template that they can use and reuse many times to help their students get the right start to their dream careers.

Free letter template for Word

The template features a sample letter that needs to just be filled out with the information indicated in the auto text boxes in square brackets. This will allow you to easily fill out the reference letter with needed information, as well as add your very own personal reference comments if you have anything more to add.

Customize letter template

This template is in Word Online, making it very easy to access using any mobile device or computer. This is perfect for professors or teachers who are on the go, or need to create a recommendation letter immediately. Being cloud-based also makes this template easy to share and update. Simply log in to OneDrive and have the template ready whenever you need it.

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