Making sure that you have covered each and every reference is important when writing an academic research paper or an important official document. This is because not referencing to the source can be counted as plagiarism.

The below posts provide resources to help you cite your documents more efficiently, with the aid of readymade Office templates and basic tips.

How to Add References for Numbered Lists in Word

Set up Cross Reference Feature

Microsoft Word has rolled out many different features to address the changing needs of its users over the years. From students to professors to technical writers and across all industries, Word has been widely used for many word-processing applications. Now, with a cross-referencing feature that allows you to link numbered lists in Word, you can …

Annotation Pen in PowerPoint

If you need to emphasize a word or phrase during a presentation you can use the PowerPoint’s virtual annotation “pen”. In order to use this annotation pen in PowerPoint during a slideshow you need to open your PPT in Slide Show mode or start it using F5. Then right click on the slide where you …