Free Steps Diagram for PowerPoint

If you need to describe a process then you can use editable step diagrams to make a detailed process description easy to understand by a presentation audience.

steps diagram

For this purpose, we have created this editable step process template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This free PPT template for Microsoft PowerPoint contains five unique slide designs that you can download and use in your presentations to describe a process flow or model a step by step process.

Usually, Step or process diagrams are widely adopted in business presentations, project planning, timelines, manufacturing industry but also in other kind of presentations where you need to illustrate the sequence of steps required to complete a particular process or procedure. If the steps are straightforward, the diagram will show just a beginning, a few steps, and an ending. Depending on the techniques and methodologies that you use to model a procedure or process, you will see different shapes connecting the steps and different diagram components with geometrical shapes (including rhombus, triangles, boxes, etc).

free steps powerpoint template

Even if you need to prepare a step-by-step guide in PowerPoint or a demo for a product or a more sophisticated business process then you can download this free editable steps diagram for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

As the previous example (figure) the steps diagram contains a title and a process description. Here is where the process is being described and explained. In this case we have used rectangles to make a simple process description and diagram but you can use ovals and other shapes followed by Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.

In this editable steps template, the shapes are stacked vertically but also horizontally. The steps PPT template is compatible with major versions of PowerPoint including MS PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, and you can find some nice colorful and clean process diagrams inside the template.

Inside this PPT template you can find vertical step diagram templates and horizontal diagrams for step and process flow description. Moreover, there are different slides created for 4 step process diagram that help you to prepare presentations to describe processes with four steps, but also five step process diagram and three (3 step) process diagrams ready to be used in your presentations.

horizontal step powerpoint template

Since the free step diagram for PowerPoint is used to show a sequence of steps in a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the rectangular shapes to edit the text and describe the procedure or process step individually brief verbal descriptions of the steps. This is an example of step diagram with 5 steps and connecting arrows between each step. You can also use this free steps PPT template to model a timeline in PowerPoint or milestones in a project.

Step Diagrams PowerPoint (10885 downloads )


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