Free Triangle Diagram Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Graphic organizers can help you to provide a visual representation of a verbal information, and using shapes in PowerPoint you can create rich slides with diagrams to describe a verbal information. This is why we created this simple triangle diagram for PowerPoint that help you to describe a process cycle effectively. You can download this free triangle diagram PPT template to prepare awesome diagrams for slides in PowerPoint presentations.

Free Triangle Diagram Template for PowerPoint Presentations CRM triangle

In the figure above you can see a visual representation using a CRM diagram that is based in the triangle diagram template that you can download for free.


This free triangle diagram was created using PowerPoint shapes and changing the styles and shape options. It is very simple but help you to make diagrams with 3 steps and a core concept easily. Aside of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you can also use this diagram to describe any concept or idea within 3 lateral concepts.

CRM diagram for PowerPoint contains circles with Sales, Marketing and Support and then a text for the central concept CRM, but you can easily edit the diagrams in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

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