Standardize Legal Document Automation in Word with Woodpecker

Legal documents are serious business. It’s very much unlike composing ordinary letters or messages. The way legal documents are written should follow specific styles and languages that you may not use in ordinary documents. After all, there are terminologies and jargons that are unique to law. Usually, lawyers do this, but their fees can be very expensive. You can write your own legal documents, but you just have to follow standards. To help you out, you can standardize legal document automation in Word with Woodpecker. 

Use Woodpecker Add-in for Word to Write Legal Documents

Woodpecker is a very useful add-in that you can use alongside Microsoft Word. If you’re writing legal documents such as contracts or wills, this is the tool that can help you out. Writing different kinds of legal documents can be challenging, but it helps you save time and frustration whenever you use the Woodpecker add-in.

Preparing legal documents can take up a lot of time, and you always have to make sure you follow a standard. It’s not as carefree as writing simple reports or letters. You should also be very careful not to make any mistakes. A single mistake in legal documents can have big repercussions, so this activity can’t be taken lightly.


Compose Legal Documents Faster and Avoid Errors

Woodpecker helps you create legal documents faster compared to manually composing one. With this add-in, you can standardize documents and ensure that they’re all error-free.

This add-in can not only save you time but also money because you will be creating your own legal documents instead of hiring a lawyer to do it for you. You save on legal fees and still be confident that your document is well-written and valid for all your legal needs. Furthermore, Woodpecker is also reliable for use by professionals, such as paralegals and lawyers even in big law firms. This is because the add-in has many useful features that make work so much easier for those in the industry.

The add-in standardizes and automates legal documents, especially those that are frequently used, such as contracts and pleadings. The add-in creates reusable content, much like templates, so you don’t have to create the same documents over and over, thereby boosting productivity while lessening your chances of errors.


Automate Legal Document Composition without Leaving Word

Woodpecker is a reliable add-in that has many features.

Since it’s a Word add-in, you don’t have to run your documents through other apps or go to another website. Everything works right within Word so you can stay focused. Your tasks are streamlined as well, leaving your computer less cluttered.

Woodpecker automates many processes that can usually be time-consuming. It has a search-and-replace function that allows you to go over multiple pages and automatically search for the word or phrase that you want replaced with another word or phrase you specify.

Furthermore, if you’re working in a firm, Woodpecker allows you to create custom-branded legal documents that have a modern yet appropriate design.

You can also use the same Word templates and formats that you used, so you don’t have to change anything once you install the add-in.


You can get the add-in from Microsoft AppSource using your Office credentials. Once you have installed the add-in and enabled in in Word, you can also find the add-in whenever you use your Office account’s Word program in any other device.

This allows you to be able to work in a dynamic way and even work remotely without being concerned about starting things from scratch or keep installing the add-in in your devices.

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