Spring Break Photo Album Template For PowerPoint

Being on the beach, sitting back while basking in the sun, having fun with your family and friends, this is what spring break or summer vacation is all about. You can relive these moments with a photo album template specially designed for spring break or summer, which was inspired by the sun, sand and surf. 

This Spring Break Photo Album Template for PowerPoint is a widescreen photo album template that contains a beachy surf theme in its design and colors. You can find this template very convenient because it is linked to your Microsoft account so you can access it anytime and anywhere on your browser using any device.

Cool and Laid Back Beach Theme for Your Spring Break Photos

The template features 7 slides that contain various layout aimed at showcasing your vacation or spring break photos. The first slide is a cover slide that contains a big sample photo of surfing boards on a beach background. You can change the sample photo with your own, like a vacation destination landscape you have been to or your group photo on the seashore or tourist spot. You can also include a title by changing the title that comes with the slide.

Simply Login Your Microsoft Account and Access the Template Anywhere

The succeeding slides contain various layouts that contain different-sized frames for showcasing your various vacation or spring break photos. The frames are appropriately sized and set on each slide so you can have options of highlighting your various shots. You can also choose to duplicate any slide to add more photos in your deisred layouts.

Customize the Template for Your Own Vacation and Summer Time

This Spring Break Photo Album Template for PowerPoint can be used for tourism, hospitality, hotels, resorts, beach products, beach wear, and many other topics. It can also serve as moodboards for fashion design, interior decoration, and many creative brainstorming and presentations.

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