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Parties are always a celebration of something big and worth remembering. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or simply a promotion, you can always count on great memories worth keeping. Aside from pictures, you can also have party favors and menus to give away to your guests as a keepsake to remember how much fun they had at your party.

Create a Party Everyone Will Remember Using This Template

Throw an Unforgettable Party

Microsoft Word Online has countless of free templates that you can access straight from your browser, anywhere and at anytime, making productivity much more convenient. So if you are planning to have another memorable party, you can use this Party Menu Template for Word Online.

This Party Menu Template for Word Online is beautifully designed go exude a festive, celebratory feel right off the bat. The colors, layout and images work together to give your party menu a special touch that would definitely wow your guests.

Prepare a Snack or a Formal Dinner and Provide a Menu to Your Guests

Feast for the Eyes

The template features images of fireworks on a clean, crisp white background. Even with its simple colors of blue and brown, you can easily see that this Party Menu Template is meant not just for New Year’s Celebrations but for other festive occasions as well. Though the sample text says New Year’s Celebration Menu, you can still use this template for Fourth of July, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Graduation, Birthdays, and just about any occasion that you want to celebrate with your family, friends and loved ones.

The template contains the images of fireworks on the bottom of the printer-friendly document, to serve like a border or frame and not interfere with the text. Meanwhile, the Menu itself contains sample layout and text that also serve as instructions and guides on how to personalize the template for your own menu and occasion.

Give Your Party an Extra Festive Feel Using This Template

To write your own menu, simply select the placeholders and write the name of the dishes you will serve to your guests, whether you are offering a snack, cocktail fare, or a formal five-course dinner.

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