Some Notable Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

Whether it is your sister, best friend or cousin walking down the aisle, your excitement as the maid of honor knows no bounds. You want to be at your best because being the maid of honor is not simply a responsibility given to you; along with it comes the glorification of giving the speech. You are being given the wonderful chance of putting forward your affection in front of hundreds; for the person you have adored all these years; that too on the most special day of her life.

Now comes the big question, how to make your maid of honor speech special? It is quite natural to have butterflies in your stomach; unless you are some professional presenter or expert at giving wedding speeches.

Maid Of Honor

How To Begin

As you clink your spoon on the side of the glass to make a speech; you should greet the other guests with a smile too. It is important to get everyone’s attention. You can start with congratulating the couple; however it has become a cliche these days. So, instead you can start with a funny incident you two have shared in the past, or some childhood memories. But make certain you don’t end up embarrassing the bride.

How To Proceed

Do not make it an endless story; people will get bored if you keep citing incidences. Instead, speak a little about the groom too; there are great chances of you being acquainted with him. Share some ideas about how to keep your friend or sister pleased; keep it on the lighter side of course.

Keep the speech short but make it captivating; and there are good chances of you succeeding because you are one of the closest person’s to the couple. Do not rush, be audible and be slow when speaking, to help everyone comprehend your words and enjoy the jokes.

How To End

If you start writing the speech in advance, you will certainly be able to chalk out some beautiful lines to end it; some rhyming or poetic ones maybe. When finishing your speech, you must take into account all the good things you desire for them. Needless to mention, your emotions will flow into it automatically; but try to make them laugh with tears, to give the chance for some amazing clicks.

Start with jotting down ideas a week or at least four days in advance; you will be overwhelmed with the outcome at the end.

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