Funny Ways to Start a Wedding Speech

Giving wedding speech is really a harder task especially when you are required to make it quite witty and humorous because creating humor while giving speech is not everyone’s cup of tea. And merely adding one or two jokes doesn’t make your speech interesting and funny at all.

Wedding Speech powerpoint

So, you need to use your sense of humor to make speech really interesting and of course, funny. Moreover, voluntarily nobody stands up to make a speech because they know the pressure of requirement and demand to make gathering laugh. If you are the best man, father or mother of groom or bride or any other unwitting member of wedding ceremony and have been asked to deliver a speech, don’t panic just try blow mentioned funny ways to start a speech:

Starting Wedding Speeches with Welcome Words

For every type of speech even wedding, starting words remain quite similar. For example, firstly express gratitude to your invited guests. Here you may mention the name of honored or special guests as well. And later you may add a chunk of humor if you want like Aren’t the designer of wedding cake and bride’s gown same? As these two are bit similar.

‘Thank you’ is always considered as good start, whether it is funny wedding speech or somewhat else.

How to get hearty Laughs?

After beginning when you come to body of speech, ice might have broken, intentionally or otherwise. You know primarily it is for the pleasure of guests; you need to make them laugh heartily instead of forcefully. So, what can be done to make it happen effectively? Usually, laughs come out at the moments you have not thought of and those moments are welcomed.

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to find guests rolling having fit of laughter on everything or anything you say. Perhaps, you may get the suggestion to become a public speaker, but the important thing is to make wedding memorable for everyone.

Blend humor with sentiments

Getting too sentimental or using too many jokes, either ways are not good. Thus it is advisable to craft speech in such manner that it bears blend of both i.e. humor and emotional moments.

And yes, if you are best man here is an advice for you, please do not share the past and personal life of groom. No matter, if you find it hysterically funny, because speeches are meant for happiness of couple.


Begin your speech with cordial ‘Thanks’ put some humor or wedding quotes in between (some real life examples) then close your speech with emotions and blessings for the couple.

You can download free wedding PowerPoint templates and backgrounds to make wedding presentations and use your own speeches. The image used above was from the free wedding PowerPoint template.

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