Solve Optimization Models in Excel With Solver App

Frontline Systems Inc. has developed Solver App that permits the user to delineate and resolve various kinds of optimization problems in Excel Workbooks. All this can be done hassle free in the Excel Web App in SharePoint 2013, in Excel 2013 as well as Excel Online in Office 365.

Models can be created and solved on mobiles, tablets or any other device on which a Web browser can be used efficiently. The model is solved in cloud and obviously, it has to be saved in the cloud itself, particularly in the document library of SharePoint 2013 or Office 365.

Solver app for Microsoft Excel

Although this Solver App is capable of being proficiently incorporated in both Excel Online as well as Excel 2013 however, workbooks stored on a local hard drive cannot be accessed through its backend Solver Server.

Moreover, the Solver App is capable enough to recognize Solver models on its own that the user may have already created using any of the newer or older versions of Microsoft Excel. This App can even be used to define a completely new Solver model but remember desktop Excel Solver is not capable enough to automatically recognize the models created through Solver App.

In order to control the App Solver VBA macros cannot be used as the Excel Web App does not encompass VBA in it. Thus, Sensitivity, Limit Reports as well as Answer are not offered in it. However, other features such as cautions, advice and Solver Result messages as in Excel Solver Help work same for the Solver App too.

Additionally, the size limits of Problem in the Solver App are exactly the same as in the Excel Solver, which is, 100 constraints and 200 decision variables apart from several limits on the variables. Iterations and Solver subproblems limits are also likewise in the Excel Solver.

Remember, the backend server of Frontline, having limited capacity, is used to queue the model as soon as the Solve button is clicked. So, because of its finite capacity there might be some delays in solving at the times of heavy usage.

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