Learn how to use SharePoint and publish your PowerPoint presentations or make Apps for SharePoint using the new Napa Office 365 Developer Tools.

All About Using Real-Time Collaboration for a Word Document

Share Your Word Document for Collaboration

Also known as real-time collaboration, Word makes it now possible for users to co-edit a document remotely and at the same time. This is, of course, an answer to the growing inclination for apps, especially productivity apps, to become more collaborative. With Microsoft Word, multiple people can work together on a document. This allows people …

Access SharePoint & OneDrive for Business Files in Outlook with

Working from your email client can seem impossible. After all, we’re so used to sending and receiving messages through our email clients, opening attachments, as well as setting calendar appointments. It seems a far-fetched idea to be able to work on files just right from your email. You can change all that with for …

Microsoft Schedules Office 2019 Release For 2018

office 2019

While many people are yet to cozy up to Office 2016, Microsoft has already unveiled plans for releasing the next generation Office suite in year 2018. In an announcement made by Microsoft on the official Office blog, Microsoft gave the schedule and overview for the next perpetual release of the suite, i.e. Office 2019.

Office 365: An In-depth Review By

Despite having the most famous set of Office applications, Microsoft’s cloud based Office suite took a long time to materialize. Unlike Google Drive, which has its origins nearly a decade back, Office 365 was released in 2011. While Microsoft might have been late to the party, the expansion of the cloud based suite has been quite remarkable. …

All You Need To Know About Napa Office 365 Development Tools

Office 365 is a cloud based version of Microsoft Office. Even at instances when there is some form of offline installation features offered with an Office 365 package, it requires some form of online connectivity. For example, even the ‘Click-to-Run’ functionality of Office 2016 for Windows uses online streaming and even the iOS or Android …

Solve Optimization Models in Excel With Solver App

Frontline Systems Inc. has developed Solver App that permits the user to delineate and resolve various kinds of optimization problems in Excel Workbooks. All this can be done hassle free in the Excel Web App in SharePoint 2013, in Excel 2013 as well as Excel Online in Office 365.

How to Launch Napa Office 365 Developer Tools

Napa Office 365 Developer Tools is a cloud based editor that let you write source code for the new Apps for Office. Apps for Office are the evolution of traditional Add-ins for Office extending Microsoft Office functionality and letting 3rd party developers and companies to add functionality to PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word but also Visio and Microsoft Project. Launching Napa …

How To Preview Files On Mouse Hover in SharePoint 2010

Looking for an easy way of finding and previewing files in SharePoint? We have just the tool for you! SharePoint Document Preview 2010 provides a graphical preview for various documents in SharePoint, including documents from the MS Office suite (e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files). If you find it hard to locate documents in …