Solstice PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a presentation design that is clean, stylish, yet with classic and subtle points of interest, you can definitely use this template.

The Solstice PowerPoint Template is a beautiful, elegant template that has a patterned beige sidebar with a simple, subtle circular geometric design,¬†which gives a touch of interest to the whole look of the template. The slide’s background is light, with dark font to make your content stand out, especially with a widescreen-format template.

Elegant PowerPoint Template for Business or Personal Use

To complete your slides, you can add new slides and choose from the many layout options professionally designed for you to effectively and concisely display your information. You can add slides as you go along, as well as duplicate and rearrange them according to your presentation needs.

Each new slide has a complementing design that uses white and beige colors beautifully, so your presentation would always look put-together.

This design is most suitable for presentations for topics related to interior design, furniture, construction, fashion, arts and crafts, and many other similar fields. With this template you can create business plans, marketing plans, sales presentations, and other business slideshows.

Beautiful and Elegant PowerPoint Template

You can also use this template for personal use, such as event presentations and even photo albums. And from personal use, you can also use this for school projects, such as reports or school activities.

The versatility of this template also goes beyond school and to the community, where book clubs and other organizations can create presentations for their causes or organizational activities.

Simply customize the template to suit your own purpose. You can also change many of its aspect such as background color, font style and theme so you can make your branding or identity stand out.

Customize the Colors to Suit Your Own Preferences

Because this template is in PowerPoint Online, it’s so much easy to share this template to other members of your group, team, department, company or organization. It is easier to collaborate and incorporate your colleague’s ideas to create powerful presentations.

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