Animated Time PowerPoint Templates

Time is one of the most vital aspect of any business venture and in project planning, timing is not a coincidence and hope is not a plan! To present presentations related to time and time bound ventures, we have some fine Animated Time PowerPoint Templates and clipart that you can use with highly customizable animated content.

About Time Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Customizable video backgrounds are hard to find but can be very handy in making attention grabbing content. This animated template can be downloaded in multiple formats, including a PowerPoint PPTX version. You can add custom text to reflect on your animated slide, with an analogue clock animation.

The below screenshot shows the customization process for adding your own text from the developer’s website.

About time video background template for PowerPoint

Once the text is added, you can download the vide background template as a PowerPoint file and edit and replicate it right from within Microsoft PowerPoint.

About time PowerPoint template

Below is an example of how the template will look in Slide Show mode with your custom text. This animation can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • PPTX for PowerPoint
  • WMV for Windows Media Player
  • MOV (Apple’s Quick Time format)
  • FLV (Flash Video format)

Go to Presenter Media – About Time Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Customizable clock animation for PowerPoint

Symbols Infographic Template for PowerPoint

You can represent time and time related slides using this infographic template which provides time and money themed symbols for making infographic slides. The template also contains slides for adding your charts, comparisons, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Symbols Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Symbols infographic template for PowerPoint

Business Boxer Punching Out Clock Clipart

Clipart can be instrumental in making your point across an audience. This interesting static clipart shows a stick figure in a business suit punching through a clock. You can download this clipart in your desired resolution in image formats like PNG or JPG.

Go to Presenter Media – Business Boxer Punching Out Clock

Business boxer punching out clock

Clock Icon Sticker Clipart

This simple clock icon clipart is ideal for depicting time related content in your slides. You can even customize this clipart by changing the color of the clock, brightness, saturation, shadow and download it with a custom height and width, as a PNG or JPG image.

Go to Presenter Media – Clock Icon Sticker Clipart

Clock icon clipart

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