Informal Event Menu Maker Template For Word

Whether you are a professional party planner, someone who likes to throw parties, or are simply faced with the task to plan a party, you can find this next template helpful. This Informal Event Menu Maker Template for Word is a professionally designed template that doesn’t take a professional to make an impressive event menu.


The Informal Event Menu Maker Template for Word allows you to create and display your informal event menu in minutes. It features an elegant yet clear design, with big bold text that stands out with whatever texture or paper you use for your own event menu.

This Word Online Template has a Menu Title in big bold letters that you can edit to write your event or celebration title. You can then proceed to type your Starter, Main Course, and Dessert Menu. This template has enough space for you to type in two dishes for each of the three dish courses. There is also a smaller space for the description for each menu item. This way you can provide your guests with two choices of each while giving them an idea of what each dish is in the description line.


If you have more dishes and more courses prepared, you can still of course add more to the template. What is great about this Word Online Template is that it is versatile enough for many uses and yet it allows you to be as creative as you want, especially if you are going with a specific theme for your event and menu.

As a Word Online Template, you can also share this menu with the rest of your friends, family, or your team who are in charge with the menu with you. You can plan and work on the menu together even when you are away from each other, all you have to do is to log onto the Microsoft account and to share the link to the template.


You can also enjoy creating your menu even when you are already in the grocery. This is because you can easily access the template using a browser. You can save your work right on the cloud and get back to it anytime. Alternatively, you can save the template on your computer and edit it offline from there.

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