Animated PowerPoint Charts Template

Presenting slides laden with charts can be dull and boring. Making your charts eye-catching is as important as your presentation skills for explaining the given data. The Animated Graph Chart Trends PowerPoint Template has been designed to especially cater for the needs of presenters who might require making slides with a lot of charts and diagrams for projecting trends.

Graph chart trends

Animated Charts Slides and Diagrams for Projecting Trends

This PowerPoint charts template begins with an animation of an arrow forming a trend line. This arrow animation  is displayed across other sample PowerPoint slides on the sidebar. The sample slides provide a variety of layouts which can be useful for projecting trends, this includes different types of editable PowerPoint chart slides, picture slides, editable diagrams and content layouts.

Animated pie chart slide

You can edit sample charts using PowerPoint Chart Tools and make use of the given space for adding a description or title for your trends. The slides have been designed in such a way that you can not only present trends using charts but also add related text without making the charts look too small.

Animated line chart slide

The diagram slides are also editable. You can use the textboxes to label the diagrams. Moreover, the diagram elements can be rearranged using drag and drop. You can further tweak these diagram slides by adding images, formatting text and inserting any additional bit of relevant information that you might want to include in your presentation. The arrow animation is displayed alongside these slides, so in case you would like to turn off the animation, go to the ‘Layouts’ drop down menu from the Home tab in PowerPoint and select a static layout.

Animated arrow diagram

Trend Themed Clipart Images

You can also copy and reuse the clipart images within this template. These clipart images are related to trends, where stick figures and whiteboards are presented with a trend line.

Chart clipart

There are also a number of content and picture page layouts which can be handy for making slides with text heavy content and images.

Animated picture layout with arrow

This trend and chart themed presentation template is available or all recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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